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Bill Murray has a pretty dour reputation, projecting various degrees of sadness, melancholy, and inner turmoil for directors ranging from Harold Ramis to Sofia Coppola, with a healthy amount of Wes Anderson along the way.Sadly, that celebrated portion of Murray’s career may now be over, as the Chicago Cubs’ victory in the tenth inning of game 7 of the World Series tonight appears to have made him the happiest man on Earth.A part of Meredith was taken off in 1800, Sidney in 1801 and a part of Otego, as "Huntsville," in 1822. He worked by the year between 18, and then set up for himself, marrying Cordelia Wheat, daughter of Silas Wheat, of Franklin.

In many cases the individuals listed may have only one Jewish parent.They may have never practiced Judaism, and may even have adopted another faith, or may be secular or atheist.We’re thrilled to announce our most recently completed Legacy Libraries project, the personal library of Dr. Thanks to our contributing LT members for their help: JBD1 (who organized the project and broke up the library into sections for helpers), benjclark, mrmapcase, waitingtoderail, timspalding, cpirmann, Andrew B, Renee GKC, cbl_tn, Literate. If you’re interested in Legacy Libraries and want to help, check out the Legacy Libraries homepage or contact the administrator, Jeremy (JBD1). King’s collection of over 600 books, which currently reside at Morehouse College in Atlanta, were added to Library Thing as a tribute to Black History Month.Merckel 120 Johannes Schaeffer 506 Nicholas Schaeffer 834 Frederick Schaeffer 2,010 Nicholas Shaver 868 Philip Shaver 1,188 TOTAL SHAVER FAMILY 5,672The following is a quote, permission graciously granted by Henry Jones, Jr., from his 2 volume work, THE PALATINE FAMILIES OF NEW YORK 1710, "A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710," 1985, 1,350 pages, indexed, copies of which can be purchased from him at Henry A. Our last imprisonment was for helping Blacksmith Andries Stohl and Farmer Harper Lansing escape from the cruel confinement of Serg. My sons Corporal John File and his brother Melchoir fled to Canada.

Jones, Jr., PO Box 261388, San Diego, CA 92196-1338, .50. Jones, Jr., documents Mara Elisabeth Schäffer and her family who settled in Schoharie County, NY. The Patriot neighbours also harassed son Jacoab so he and his family fled to Brant County after the War of 1812-1814.esperanto, Paul von Reuter, Stephen Jay Gould, Alfred E.Neumann, Superman, Stan Lee, Will Eisner, Al Capp, Rafael Wardi, Sam Vanni, Marc Chagall, Emile Berliner, Joe Weider, Mark Spitz, Alfred Dreyfuss, Markus Wolf, David Sarnoff, Christoffer Columbus, Robert Maxwell, karl Marx, Mr. Marx), Abraham Maslow, Jacques Derrida, Zakris "Sakari" Topelius, Max Jacobson, Ben Zyskowicz, Ben Furman, Ruben Stiller, Poju Zabludowicz (the richest Finn), Mihail Horodovski, Boris Berezovski, Oliver Stone, Estee Lauder, Vidal Sassoon, Ruth Handler, Jay Chiat, Paul Allen, Fonzie, Naomi Klein, Arthur Rubinstein, Niels Bohr, George Soros, Andre Citroen, Yehudi Menuhin This page is a list of people identified as Jews, either by themselves or by others.This tract of land was, prior to April 10th, 1792, a part of the town of Harpersfield. In 1867 he purchased the old Franklin Hotel, and was a successful host. He has been twice married -the second time to Lucia F. The State Gazetteer says: "The township of Franklin, embracing thirty thousand acres, was patented February 26th, 1770, with the usual powers of a township, and a quitrent of two and sixpence for every one hundred acres annually. In 1870 he rebuilt the hotel, making a large and commodious three-story house, in every way worthy of the beautiful village, and ample in accommodation for all who may come. There’s still plenty of cataloging to do, and we need your help! More Famous Libraries We’ve also added the personal libraries of poet Langston Hughes, and civil rights activist Rosa Parks to our Legacy Libraries ranks this month.