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2 SURVEY 7 OS January 1975 Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin m &*&■*, JS t*0m ^^Jg^- - **w ■■'***«: ml ti -ft* £2 yaffil usa Si E $&& JAN 2 1975 1 , * t ™ ,,'#'*\, r ^tffer I :««7r '-**.. Walsten Staff Writer: Madge Jacobs Production: Oscar Anderson 10 BRACHIOSAURUS: The Biggest Dinosaur of Them All By David Young OUR ENVIRONMENT 12 FIELD BRIEFS 14 THE SCULPTOR WHO COLLECTED BUTTERFLIES By David M. He chose the area traversed by that railroad because it bisected what is known geologically as the Morrison Formation — a massive deposit covering large portions of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

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• :.i aaaafcitgjtrt;' mumk LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN 607.05 F I V.4G-46 cop. Chicago didn't have a Brontosaurus, so Riggs wrote persons in several towns along the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad asking if any fossil bones had been found nearby.

came out in January and it's been nearly a full year and I still absolutely adore it just as much, if not more, then when I first heard it.

Just a beautiful record from start to finish and also one of the most romantic albums to come out in quite some time.

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Every one has his little story of this or that which happened to his brother articulation disorder or cousin or neighbor.

The Field Museum, founded in 1893, somewhat belatedly joined the race for the dinosaurs. 'Q/ r O/ Q, Riggs explained it to an interviewer just before his retirement in 1942: "New departments were being formed in other museums on the strength of new interest in these gigantic reptiles.