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You might as well have clicked the link in the email, which would have done pretty close to the same thing.

It's the link that's the problem and the fact that you went to it at all.

And right now they are meeting and mixing and even marrying. Who Does it The largest online dating sites span the globe and are active in almost 30 countries, attracting well-educated and well-off city dwellers too busy to head out on the town but still in search of true love.

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Wandering through the aisles you'll get a good chance to size up the singles on offer but lingering in strategic places often proves a better bet.

Food tasting areas are popular because they offer a natural reason to pause and chat, and the wine section seems to attract a certain type of single eager to prove their style credentials.

And admit it, that guy carrying six tins of cat food and the will never seem quite as appealing as the oyster-bearing stranger mulling over his choice of wine.

And filling your basket with breakfast foods may send clear signals but whether it snags you a first date is another thing.

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All you have to do is find a supermarket near you running the free dating night and find out what the single signal is.

In some cases a different coloured shopping basket alerts other singles to your intentions, while a Sydney store uses strategically-placed cereal boxes as a sign of availability.

Today's generation has seen dating take on a new appearance with online dating becoming a fresh phenomena where singles can meet other singles. You're tired of the pub and club scene, dating disasters, and poorly concieved and badly executed dates with incompatible strangers.

You're lonely, disillusioned and desparate for a bit of tender loving care and attention.

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