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Dear Amma, my friends have been hooking up with people they met on Tinder.

I am a virgin to the hook-up culture, but I want to try it.

Places like Curlies in Anjuna and Katzenkuppe in Vagator are great places to meet someone new.

I am just scared of falling in love with someone who just wants to be “friends with benefits” with me.

People often confuse sex with love and mostly the former is the consequence of the latter – but when love is a consequence of sex, then there might be a problem for the people involved.

The moment you use 'sex' in a sentence, you're judged.

Add to this sexually repressed nation's intricate social fabric - the regressive rule called Section 377 which prohibits unnatural sex.

(Of course it isn’t that easy but the odds aren’t stacked up as badly against you in these places as they would be in the rest of India. ALSO SEE 6 best places to make out in India without getting into trouble Goa is India’s tourist hub and biggest party destination.

It has travelers from all across the globe and even Indian tourists here are usually in a happy holiday mood looking forward to meet new people ad have new experiences.If you, like us, are of the many fish in the sea, you’ll probably agree that it is more difficult to get some action between the sheets than they show in the American sitcoms. So if you’re single and looking, you might consider heading to these places. No one likes an obsessive, creepy, desperate freak who has no interesting aspect to his/her personality and is just looking for sex.Fact is, Indians still do look down upon casual sex making it incredibly hard to… Download Tinder, swipe right, and you’re good to go. On the other hand, if you do not act desperate and just be normal and straight-forward, nice and friendly, and show some interest in the person itself, you might get lucky!everyone either goes clubbing to get smashed or hook up.So, clubs are packed but still, there are these ‘hired cool kids’ who’ll hop from one club to another.But everything that is kept hidden attains a dark underbelly.