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Parramatta is home to a fascinating collection of colonial heritage sites in both the city centre and surrounding areas such as Harris Park and North Parramatta.

They date back to the 1700's and 1800's and mark the arrival of the British colonialists to a region once inhabited by the Burramatta indigenous clan (Parramatta's namesake).

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In large measure, the development of culture during Paleolithic times seems to have been profoundly influenced by the environmental factors that characterize the successive stages of the Pleistocene Epoch., depending for their subsistence on hunting wild animals and birds, fishing, and collecting wild fruits, nuts, and berries.

The artifactual record of this exceedingly long interval is very incomplete; it can be studied from such imperishable objects of now-extinct cultures as were made of flint, , and antler.

A mountain valley carved by the Yadkin River, Happy Valley is home to historic farms, winding country roads, and a place of joy and great beauty.

Early settlers in Happy Valley were visionaries and entrepreneurs who farmed extensively, established schools, built churches and factories and served in political positions in state and local government.

Descendents of these families today still continue to stimulate the economy through aquaculture, tree farming, goat dairying and cattle raising.

Others look to the past, preserving traditions by working with draft animals, building traditional pole and log barns and canning food. Edmunds Memorial Park It overlooks a pond on the rolling countryside of what was once the Edmunds' dairy farm: playground, picnic pavilions, disk golf, botanical gardens, Serenity Gardens, volleyball, fishing, horseshoes.• Mountain Road - Halifax One of the largest and architecturally interesting Victorian historic districts in Southside Virginia. Nathaniel Greene's Retreat to the Dan and home of former Governor William M. • River Road River Road, SR 659, is the single most historic area in Halifax County.During the Pleistocene, which followed directly after the Pliocene, a series of momentous climatic events occurred.The northern latitudes and mountainous areas were subjected on four successive occasions to the advances and retreats of ice sheets (known as Günz, Mindel, Riss, and Würm in the Alps), river valleys and terraces were formed, the present coastlines were established, and great changes were induced in the fauna and flora of the globe.The best introduction to Parramatta's heritage sites and stories can be found at the Heritage Centre, located at 346A Church Street Parramatta (next to the Lennox Bridge and a ten minute walk from the rivercat wharf).