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Augustine can forever claim the banner of oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the United States, the Spanish actually landed in Pensacola six years earlier, in 1559.

Centuries before the Europeans set sail, native tribes including Choctaw, Apalachee and Pensacola peoples lived, fished and traded in and around what would become Pensacola.When de Luna sailed in with 11 ships and some 1,400 soldiers and settlers, it was a trip sparked by Spain's ongoing effort to colonize Florida, an area that according to the Spanish crown extended north from what is now the Florida Keys all the way up to Newfoundland and west to what is now Mexico.That Tristan de Luna's settlement was foiled as much by poor planning as by a hurricane is just one page in Pensacola's archives.University of West Florida marine archaeologists are still combing through the remains of the rare 16th century galleons, two of fewer than a dozen ever discovered.Here, not one but two Spanish ships, dating to 1559, are buried.

And this juxtaposition of past and present is a part of Pensacola's charm that, like the Emmanuel Point I and II wrecks, hovers just below the surface.Williams rushed for 126 yards and two scores while sophomore back and MACJC leading rusher Antwon Wells ran for 89 yards and three TD'S.Those three scores put Gulf Coast up 21-0 midway through the second quarter.The towns are also very old, the town, or city, of Parral, Chihuahua, which is the hub for all these little towns, dates to the year 1630 and those towns are mentioned in the same documents.The first individual Loya is listed in Parral in the year 1632.Briefly, again, for the third time and I hope it doesn't delete on me again!!!! By the way, this information is Copyright Alex Loya 2004 all rights reserved.