Gridview rowupdating event firing twice Camroulette

The datagrid is then displayed with the results (inside of an ajax updatepanel). I want to have the user select a row by clicking on the Image Button.If I have the gridview settings as such: Auto Generate Select Button="True" Selected Row Style Back Color="Red"Clicking on the 'select' link won't change the background color to red. When the user clicks an Image Button, how can I tell which row he clicked on, and then change the image for the Image Button in that row, and make sure all the images in the other rows are default? Regarding on the setting additional parameter for the button in Grid View Row, I think the best choice is using a template field control which is binded to a dataset object, I am able to populate the Grid View with the expected data, so that is ok.

gridview rowupdating event firing twice-25

microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet - forum discussing the Microsoft languages including C#, VB. I know its been reported about a year ago, but I cant seem to find a solution to it in terms of a fix, or explaination as to why. I recently had a similar situation, although I don't think I was using an Image Button. Learn various methods of problem solving unique to the . I have discovered a( nd its probably not news to most of you ) that if you add a button column and use the Image Button type that this event fires twice.The gridview is bound to an Object Data Source using the Data Source ID property.I am not doing anything special in the databinding event and the templates use basic framework controls with either in the Edit Item Template.Could you provide a little more detail (like how you are populating the gridview via ajax) - -You say you want to hightlight a row when it is clicked - this can easily be accomplished with the formatting properties of the Selected Row Style David Wier Write - One click PDF, convert .doc/.rtf/to HTML with no bloated markup The users fills in a textbox then clicks a ' Search' button.

The datasource is then created and bound to the gridview with a dynamically created Select statement.

hi can anyone tell me how to findcontrol in rowupdating event of gridview?

Find Control("ddl1"); Drop Down List ddl2= (Drop Down List)grd Validations.

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im not gettin where i ve done wrong.pavankumar Hi pavankumarkavety I notice that the status of this thread is changed to “Resolved”.