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Muller in his book "Capitalism and the Jews": He doesn't mention the name of this "Ukrainian anti-Semite".Is it possible that the "Dzhugarshvili = son of a Jew" is just propaganda of an Ukrainian "anti-Semite" or did he tell the truth and the people have the wrong thinking?This clash is pushing the legal rights and interests of the local states aside.We all hope, however, that the Central Caucasian states will defend their independence against the encroachments of external forces and ensure sustainable development of the local people and states.This means that the author has to cover a wide range of questions from the origins and settlement of the Jews in the Caucasus to the specific features of their material and spiritual culture and their ramified contacts with the rest of the world.

are a sure sign that Judaism in the Caucasus and the two main Jewish groups (the mountain and the Georgian Jews) have always attracted and continue to attract a lot of attention.He has covered the main versions of why the Jews arrived in the Caucasus in the first place and describes the stable and largest communities of Caucasian Jews. Judaism and its Main Dogmas Like elsewhere in the world, in the Caucasus Judaism lives alongside Christianity and Islam.Russian Federation is a dual-national state with over 185 ethnic groups designated as nationalities, population of these groups varying enormously, from millions in case of e.g.The mountain Jews call themselves tongue and have preserved their traditional material and spiritual culture, Judaism as their religion, and their way of life.Their language is built on the vocabulary of mainly Iranian extraction, however religious terms are traditional,.He has covered the main versions of why the Jews arrived in the Caucasus in the first place and describes the stable and largest communities of Caucasian Jews.