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Yet while it happens to all of us, do not be discouraged!

For in this time of disappointment, Jesus walks alongside us and reminds us of encouraging scriptures until our hearts catch fire again. Intimacy with the Lord makes you fruitful, not busy.

Since the 17thcentury, the sacred cloth has been housed in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, except for a few years in the middle of the last century.

Italian authorities knew that Hitler was had designs on the Shroud, so in 1939 it was secretly moved to an abbey, the Sanctuary of Montevergine, in southern Italy. Prayers from the Benedictine monks there diverted them.

The early writings were called the “Law” and the “Prophets.” These, and the rest of God’s words recorded on scrolls, became known as the “Scriptures.” Today these same writings, bound together in one book are called the “Bible.” These holy words tell about God, and how much He loves all people in the world… For full-quality video and sound, and to share God’s Story with friends and family, purchase the DVD or Video-CD on-line in English (and in many other languages).

Also available: Audio CDs and audiocassettes in various languages.For in one service alone, many of disciples left, because he knew that offense is unavoidable.We can stop causing offenses but we cannot stop being offended.As Christians, we pray and we fast for healing, deliverance, and salvation, but sometimes what we hoped for or expected does not happen.This disappointment is the second reason our fire burns out.History reveals that man is not basically good; he is basically selfish and sinful.