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In the case of Paolo, when he started singing, it was a deliberate choice on his part to form a rock band to distance himself musically from his father.

Then he discovered that he was also interested in working behind the scenes as a videographer and director, and he began pursuing his passion for it.

Gary is married to Maria Anna Elizabeth “Angeli” Pangilinan.

Gary’s paternal grandparents were José Valenciano and Rosario Calacas.

Birth Name: Edgardo Jose Santiago Valenciano Place of Birth: Santa Mesa, Manila, Philippines Date of Birth: August 6, 1964 Ethnicity: *Filipino [Bicolano] (father) *Puerto Rican [including Spanish and some either African or Taino], Italian, Portuguese (mother) Gary Valenciano is a Filipino musician.

His father, Vicente Calacas Valenciano, was Filipino, from Camalig, Albay.

Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say.

If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts.For some people, it’s difficult to work with family, but for the Valencianos — dad Gary, mom Angeli and kids Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana — working with each other is not a chore but an immense joy.As the kids of Gary and Angeli, it was a foregone conclusion that Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana would eventually follow their parents into the business.His mother, Grimilda Santiago Olmo, is Puerto Rican, from Arecibo.She is of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and some either African or Taino descent.A Tragic Actor - Max Bollinger Actor Actress - Fabrizio Bosso Actor In The Street - Paul Westerberg Actors Of The Storm - Doomshine Actor On the Rocks - Martin Philip Actor On The Run - Dylan Kussman Actor Out Of Work - St. Vipers, Snakes, And Actors - Norma Jean Where Have the Actors Gone - Actress, Actress - Marvelkind Actress In A Leading Role - Jimmyjohn Mc Cabe Any Old Actress - Rasputina Bad Actress - Def Leppard Best Supporting Actress - Chris Chase & Eric Smyth Brand New Kind Of Actress - Jason Isbell Dark Actress - Phil Gould Favourite Actress - Ron Spielman Greatest Living Actress - The Hussy's Green Eyed American Actress - Billy Fury Homicidal Actress - Shirley Holmes June the Actress - Stanton Meadowdale . The Burglar Man - Bill Clifton And His Dixie Mountain Boys . - Solex The Kiss Burglar - Wurlitzer Style C Orchestrion Mr. Time for Tiger Woods to See Porn , Burgler, Shoplifter Waitress Jaimie Nude Round 300 - Chief Kooffreh......... For The Captain - Okkervil River I'm Your Captain - Grand Funk Railroad Love Boat Captain - Pearl Jam.. The Hunter - Albert King / Clannad The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game - Massive Attack. Jockey Jump - Willie Jones Jockey Man Blues - Memphis Minnie Jockey Shorts - Mr. A Juggler Out in Traffic - Richard Shindell Atom Juggler - Wallace Vanborn Beat Juggler - Debonaire Body Juggler - Ghoti Hook Chainsaw Juggler - Backstreet Girls Clowns & Jugglers - Syd Barrett . Surfer Girl - The Beach Boys Surfer Joe - The Surfaris . What You See Is What You Get - Steph A Lot Of Boot Left To Fill - Eric Church.