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You know when you go to a restaurant and your food comes out wrong, that’s chat. SS Crooked Grind, Century City - Peters What do you think of people that are chat on purpose? I dunno, I mean, they’re like, they’re chat twice, they’re double chat. Switch F/S Noseslide, San Pedro - Colen Who are you here to please?

Like there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be a forum or a way for us to put out something.

Bluntslide Kickflip, Griffith Park - Peters Can you describe what ‘chat’ is? I’ll tell you all the things, I’ll give you a list of things that I think are chat. Uh, you know when there’s a long line at the coffee shop, that’s chat. I know, it’s called the two Drew crew, similar to the 2 Live Crew but it’s called the 2 Drew Crew. That’s good enough for me, hopefully it is for you too.

So I like to think that that’s the idea of what the name is and as far as what we’re trying to express with this, it’s just, whatever we want you know. So you can call it a cute play on words or a double entendre, cause that’s something that has more then one meaning, and this case, the title does you know?It may start on a video game but this is how they begin to train you like dogs so that you cannot express yourself.It maybe start in a game but it then moves on to real life.LL The superior man fell down, to the depths of society But we won’t let it happen; this won’t get to me They say a season only lasts a few months But there’s 2000 Seasons when it’s Haru’s time to cum [Hook] [Verse 4: Supa Dupa Jesus] I'm talking RG Back: Vertebrae (Spines nigga!

) That shit so lunchinh you paralysed: Vertebrae (Wheelchairs!

Well, damn, you'z a motherfucker Fuck this shit - but not in low case (MF DOOM style motherfucker) Ry Sarm vs.

Illegal, we back in the old days (Step back in time) Shit so important to RG as the O'Jays (Uhuh, step back in time) Killed this shit - that's a closed case (Cased closed yo! "Look at how technical I am from lines 7-11"] Maxi and MD in the fucking chat I ain't know people could be so damn wack Sure, I'll take the old RG back But those bitches can go even further in the past Seriously though, it's a travesty, the forums are terrible SDVG shit just bad to see, and the rest's barely bearable If I see one more post from you whack crack hacks, I'm finna snap The mac go 'clack', knock back like your mack cap gettin' clapped I'm gonna yak like 'fack,' you ain't never stacked one rack Bag you in in a sack, funeral plaque like 'pac Making up this bullshit, I don't know what you fucking heard But stop your bitching, don't say one more fucking word [Hook] [Verse 3: Uncle Fondle] Yo, yo, it’s UF the trapper, not even a rapper Only on here to make my racks grow faster But this one’s for you, Haru The true Rap Genius, kept his Glock by his penis His knowledge was genius, truly unparalleled But when it came to the big guns, it was like Canibus v.s.

To all the people that lived above the Buildings that we was hustling in front of that called the police on Us when we was just trying to make some money to feed our daughters And all the niggas in the struggle, you know what I'm saying?

It's all good baby baby :^| [Hook] RG back I'm talking RG back Haru back I'm talking Questo back Weapons back I'm talking NSkillz back Ry Sarm back I'm talking RG back motherfucker [Verse 1: Dyaz] Ugh, we need RG back, there'll be no RG left (He's right sun) Sun, we need Haru back, he had that RG swag (SWAGGY AS FUX) Forget that New York Times dissing RG track (I really mean it!

ANDREW ALLEN IS CHAT - Interview & Portrait Andrew James Peters Boneless, Sydney - Peters Fullscreen Andrew Allen - I think this should be an introduction to what the zine is and why it is that way. I don’t know, firstly we can start describing what chat is, you know? Bluntslide Nosegrab 270, Griffith Park - Peters Dude, group texts are chat. The best thing you can see in a group text is “so’n’so” left the conversation. I gotta go and see my tax man today, that’s pretty chat. Feeble Grind, Los Angeles - Colen Interviews are pretty chat. Whether somebody wants to see it or listen to it, we don’t know but it’s something for us to make.