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Brian says the guy was going around 50 MPH and it was severe enough for the airbags to deploy.

TMZ broke the story, Megan filed for divorce Friday.

As we said, our sources say it's likely she'll end up paying Brian spousal support, because of the large disparity in income and income potential.

We're told Brian has worked very little since last December, when he was in a head-on collision.

As we reported, Brian and Megan were driving when they were hit by a drunk driver who was arrested.

The stunning actress is starring in a new commercial for the Brazilian brand Brahma, serving as a spokeswoman for the beverage and promoting the beer in an, er, interesting ad campaign.

Of course, the former In the commercial—which is filmed entirely in Portuguese with the exception of Fox's one line— the brunette beauty winks seductively at the camera, pretends to take off her clothes and jumps around, clearly elated to be drinking the lager.But now we're told the accident triggered a serious medical condition ... Our sources say Brian's vertigo is so bad he can't get out of bed. As we reported, Brian and Megan -- who is working steadily on huge movies -- are still living in the same home.Megan Fox is headed to FOX's New Girl - to rent out Jess' room!"If I knew who took this picture, I would personally cause them harm - physical harm," she said in the magazine’s upcoming issue.At the time the unauthorized photo was taken, Fox was shooting an independent feature called "Passion Play,” in which she stars alongside Mickey Rourke as a circus sideshow performer.Perhaps this is why Bay chose to remove the “Teenage” part of the title, because good luck getting teenage boys/mutants to do anything productive with Fox walking around.