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We have activated ad moderation as we have one user posting a lot of spam ads.Once your ad has been reviewed by us it will go live.

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"The craigslist brothel business seems booming -- belying its promise to fight prostitution," Blumenthal said after issuing the subpoena Monday.

"We are asking craigslist for specific answers about steps to screen and stop sex-for-money offers -- and whether the company is actually profiting from prostitution ads that it promised the states and public that it would try to block."Immunity Under the Internet "Decency" Act Prostitution is generally illegal in the United States and it's illegal for media outlets to facilitate the practice by publishing advertisements.

As Maggie Mc Neill explained here last week, Visa and Mastercard both made their decisions about Backpage under pressure from Cook County, Illinois, sheriff Thomas Dart.

"We have objectively found [sites like Backpage] promote prostitution and facilitate online sex trafficking," Dart wrote in a letter to the credit card companies.

Until now, users could post free ads elsewhere on the site but were charged fees to promote in the adult section, which houses ads for escorts, strippers, and other erotic entertainers.

So what's the big deal about Backpage switching up its fee structure?Under the law, the publisher is believed to have the opportunity to read and edit content before publishing it, and thus publishing it is a kind of endorsement, a reiteration of the content.So why can Craigslist offer an "adult services" section of its famed classified services?The immunity provided by the Communications Decency Act is very broad, and although it does not cover criminal activity, it does cover prostitution ads on Craigslist.Backpage.com, the online classified-ad clearinghouse that's become a battleground in the new war on sex work, has announced that it will stop charging users to post ads in its "adult" section, at least temporarily.Free Sex Dates contains sex ads & swinger profiles with graphic references to matters of human sexuality, explicit descriptions of sexual practises inc group sex & amateur nude pictures which are of an adult nature.