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These images were revealed by Spanish media site, where they’ve drawn a very diverse reaction from viewers.

Some unconfirmed reports suggest the naked man had arrived on a flight from Manchester.

He was described as a middle-aged man of “foreign nationality”.

It remains unclear as to why the would-be plane passenger came to be in the airport without his clothes.

” If someone had gone up to those counters, taken two dozen magazines off of the rack and dumped them into the trash outside, that person would be arrested. Wednesday at Las Positas College when a student took 23 copies of Naked Magazine off the racks on campus and dumped them into recycling bins.

This is a bra- zen attack on free expression at worst and the disturbed work of repressed and misogynistic body- shaming at really worst.

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Police in Magaluf are now trying to find out the identities of the women so they can slap them with a fine.

Earlier this month a group of male British tourists were fined for the same reason.

It’s not the first time a passenger has been caught on camera in the buff at an airport.

Earlier this year a naked man was tackled to the ground by security after streaking through Sydney Airport in Australia.

But really, there’s a lot of shame to go around in this situation.