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Hubby's Hideaway This section is for pics of husbands watching or helping their wives enjoy their black studs.This section will also house the Anonymous Section, the Moviedrome and the Cartoon Archives.Once you step on them, you will slide until you hit a rock or a wall. Enter this cave and investigate the rock to the left to find a hidden Dire Hit.Exit back out and slide across the ice path to the east.From the item, slide down, right, down, left, up, walk a few steps down to the last solid snow floor before the ice, and then slide left to a Pokemon Trainer. Not far ahead are two ice paths that extend further west.

The northern path leads to a single trainer, and the southern path lead to two trainers who will challenge you to a Double Battle.Secret fantasies and hidden cravings from those who are curious.No matter which camp you fall into, you're not alone!Cory Knight is pretty happy with his marriage, but he has some serious insecurities about his pretty wife Veronica because he knows 'shit's been going bad lately' in her eyes.He's hoping he doesn't find anything out, but calls our crew out anyway just to make sure.A follower cannot be taken into the Ancient Cavern by the whirlpool, but instead, one can use the fairy ring to do so.