Error validating dyndns svr answer

A default configuration file is /etc/under Unix systems.

The location of the config file can be given to inadyn via the update_period_sec 600 # Check for a new IP every 600 seconds # Enter your Dyn username and password here username your-login # your Dyn username password your-password # your Dyn password # What kind of host is being updated?

--verbose 5 --backgroundqui fonctionne pourtant quand je l'excute la main dans mon navigateur.

J'ai prfr utiliser inadyn qui est conseill par la date de ce billet.Pour info cela fonctionne chez moi en ayant renseign le fichier /etc/de cette faon --username --password mdpdemonpseudo --alias maison.--dyndns_server_name com --dyndns_server_url /nic/update?even if they were using something other than a D-Link router.Eventually, D-Link caught on, and kicked off everyone that couldn’t verify they actually owned a D-Link router with a valid Note: I’ve got an old D-Link DIR-615 wireless router that I no longer use, but because I have a valid serial number and MAC address from that router, D-Link still allowed me to keep a free DDNS account through their partnership with Dyn. As of the writing of this post, they still offer 100% free dynamic DNS services.Example: You want to update the IP address for, myhostname2.and; in this case, you have to enter in the "Host Name" field the following string: "myhostname1.-a myhostname2.-a".

(Note: no "-a" for the first host name.) With url updates, the client program usually submits a request using the hypertext transport protocal (HTTP) to a DDNS Server.

Mise jour pour la communaut des linuxiens : a marche pour moi aussi !

La doc d'ovh pointe sur 'updatedd' un projet qui semble ne plus exister mme si le programme peut encore se tlcharger via d'autres sites.

The client program returns the information to authorize itself, and the update is completed with the server request response to verify the result. And commonly when more than one value needs to be specified, it is divided with "&" so "name1=value1&name2=value2&name3=value3" can be used to specify three parameters.

When your DDNS Service provider uses URL updates, you need to know the url which the client program requests. The URL is divided into parts, the parts should be simple to divide. To confirm that you have the correct URL and can manually update your IP by using your web browser.

(j'ai ouvert mon port 80 pour voir, mais a n'a rien chang)[email protected]:/# ./usr/sbin/inadyn -u username-dyndns -p password -a mon.--dyndns_server_name com --dyndns_server_u rl /nic/update?