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The CPU factor of the specified host or host model will be used to normalize the CPU time limit of all jobs in the cluster, unless the CPU time normalization host is specified at the queue or job level.

, it’s important to make sure that your brackets (parentheses) are in the right place.

Basic accounting consists of standard UNIX accounting features.

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The update is supposed to update 20 rows in t1, the incorrect form of the code will update all 10,000 rows in the table: 20 rows updated.PLAN_TABLE_OUTPUT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SQL_ID 73tz2pqv4z8rc, child number 0 ------------------------------------- update t1 set padding = ( select t2.padding from t2 where t2= t1) where t1.small_vc <= lpad(20,10,'0') Plan hash value: 417405447 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | Id | Operation | Name | Starts | E-Rows | A-Rows | A-Time | Buffers | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 0 | UPDATE STATEMENT | | 1 | | 0 |.01 | 219 | | 1 | UPDATE | T1 | 1 | | 0 |.01 | 219 | |* 2 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T1 | 1 | 20 | 20 |.01 | 173 | | 3 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID| T2 | 20 | 1 | 20 |.01 | 45 | |* 4 | INDEX UNIQUE SCAN | T2_PK | 20 | 1 | 20 |.01 | 25 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------- 2 - filter(" T1"." SMALL_VC"<='0000000020') 4 - access(" T2"." ID"=: B1) 10000 rows updated.You can use the three types of IRIX accounting to log and charge for certain types of system activity.Using accounting data, you can determine how system resources were used and if a particular user has used more than a reasonable share; trace significant system events, such as security breaches, by examining the list of all processes invoked by a particular user at a particular time; and set up billing systems to charge login accounts for using system resources.You are recommended to upgrade to this version if the enhancements or the bug fixes listed below are beneficial to you. All users are recommended to first test running this release on a testing server before actually upgrading the production servers.

This is a beta version of Ahsay Cloud Backup Suite.Migration or upgrading of previous version of the software and/or data of the previous version to the beta software, and/or migration or upgrading of the beta software and/or data of the beta software to later versions are not supported.The IRIX system has three types of accounting: basic accounting, extended accounting, and Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA).The command processes accounting records written into the process accounting data file.Extended accounting is an IRIX feature that has extended process accounting capabilities, along with project and array session accounting features.The order in which compute unit types appear specifies the containment relationship between types.