Onine sex chat pictures Discouraging steady dating

One of the biggest influences as to whether or not a teenager becomes sexually active and as a consequence becomes another teen pregnancy statistic has to do with parental relationships.

He asked the pupils how far they thought a boy and girl who went steady could go in intimate contact with each other.Only one teen-ager in ten thought that such a couple should do no more than kiss. As a parent, your job is to have an on-going conversation with your children about sex, sexuality and sexual decision-making.From a very early age kids are invited into a sex-saturated culture.Communicating with your children about sex, love, and relationships is often more successful when you are certain in your own mind about these issues.

To help clarify your attitudes and values, think about the following kinds of questions: Kids have lots of questions about sex, and they often say that the source they’d most like to go to for answers is their parents.

Tell kids candidly and confidently what you think and why you take these positions; if you’re not sure about some issues, tell them that, too.

Be sure to have a two-way conversation, not a one-way lecture.

Ask them what they think and what they know so you can correct misconceptions. Age-appropriate conversations about relationships and intimacy should begin early in a child’s life and continue through adolescence.

Resist the idea that there should be just one conversation about all this – you know, “the talk.” The truth is that parents and kids should be talking about sex and love all along.

You can help your teenager understand the risks of teen pregnancy by speaking with him or her about how you feel.