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One of the most common questions I hear in Japan is “What’s your hobby? I’m an undergraduate student working any number of part-time jobs; any time that I do have left-over is usually wasted on the internet.However, I’ve found “I don’t have a hobby” is not an acceptable answer in Japan.

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There are a number of best practices and a handful of potential issues which arise when incorporating high-traffic keyword terms into your search campaigns: But, for all the buzz surrounding long-tail keywords, there's still a lot of traffic in the high-traffic, most searched words (go figure).So the question becomes how to attack high-volume keywords within your search marketing campaign. Popular keywords are often the most expensive keywords.The awkward name, Hard-Off, comes from the fact that it is one of the “Off” brand chain stores in Japan that sells Hardware or other appliances. Occasionally, to save space and money, the “Off” chain stores are paired together.This Hard-Off was paired with Off-Home (selling used clothes and home appliances)."There's an app for that" is more than just Apple's marketing mantra.

Apps have become an American lifestyle."I'm using my phone when I'm sleeping," says Amanda Soloway. Soloway turns on an i Phone application called Sleep Cycle and tucks her smart phone into bed with her.

She deposits checks through the Bank of America app, finds bus schedules through One Bus Away, passes time playing Bejeweled, compiles grocery lists through Zip List, texts with her best friend through Whats App, and edits her photos with any of 18 different photography apps. Websites never look quite right shining through a screen the size of a baseball card.

Typing e-mails never quite feels right when she taps on the phone's smooth glass surface.

Being a Cheapo, I asked one of my friends what the cheapest “acceptable” hobby was.

She suggested music and pointed me to the nearest Hard Off Tokyo store.

Then move on to the much more complex task of managing the long tail of search, right?