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Their sound has been described as European-influenced futuristic soul containing elements of tech-house and pop-rap.

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Dawn Richard has accomplished a rare feat in pop music: she found success in two sonically different groups. The blessing is if you thought that was a lot, I can’t wait for you to hear the album. I don’t speak about it because I believe I still need to heal. It’s almost been five, six years now [since the group debuted; it was disbanded by Combs on the finale of “Making the Band” in 2009]. First, after competing on MTV’s reality competition, “Making the Band,” Sean “Diddy” Combs handpicked her to be one-fifth of the urban pop girl group Danity Kane. You mentioned all the heat you got after the demise of Danity Kane. It’s so high on a pedestal for me that I don’t want to hurt it. “Diddy-Dirty Money is a movement that represents a change in music,” declares Richard. But if they take the chance to listen, they will respect it.” “All that Hollywood stuff doesn’t work for us,” adds Kalenna.“Dawn and I aren’t background singers simply standing next to Diddy, and Diddy-Dirty Money isn’t just more of the same.From New Orleans, to Danity Kane, Dirty Money and now gaining her independence, watch the video below to see what Dawn Richard is working on NOW!

"Emotional, provocative, limitless music you can sink your teeth into, that's the calling card for Sean "Diddy" Combs' latest incarnation: Diddy-Dirty Money.It’s an organic group that grew out of a shared passion for music.” Known for having his finger on the pulse of what’s next, Combs had a notion that Richard and Kalenna were kindred spirits when he brought the two together to write songs in 2009.Diddy - Dirty Money was a trio helmed by Sean "Diddy" Combs from 2007-2012, featuring Dawn Richard of Danity Kane and songstress Kalenna.Hate Love, 2011), having collaborated with Usher, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Skylar Grey, T. The last we heard of them was an alternate version of their single "No Ordinary Love", released on April 18th, 2011.Although they parted ways in 2012, stay tuned for any new updates, y'all.Diddy-Dirty Money is the real deal, a trio infused with formidable singing, songwriting, and production talent.