Diana ross dating gene simmons

Gene Simmons also known by his last name Simmons is a multi talented person from United States.

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Beside this love life, he was also rumored to be having love affairs with actresses Cher and Diana Ross.He began his singing career since 1963 and from that time on he has been actively involved in music world.Cher later told Playboy: ‘I did it because my girlfriends were crazy about him and so was my mother. ’ Despite Warren failing to live up to his reputation in bed, the pair remained good friends.Cher met Sonny, then working as a ‘gofer’ for producer Phil Spector, in a coffee shop.Gene Simmons fell in love with Diana Ross while dating Cher.

The KISS rocker has revealed he broke the 'Believe' hitmaker's heart back in the 1980s when he fell for her best friend, after she suggested he met up with the singer to get tips on choosing her Christmas present.

He has also established himself as an actor and entrepreneur.

He is popular in the world for being the lead singer of the rock band Kiss.

It is expected that he is earning huge amount of salary from this professional career and his net worth is rumored to be around 0 Million.

Edit Gene Simmons was from the middle class family born as Chaim Weitz in Tirat Carmel, Israel to Feri Witz and Flóra Klein.

"I want the kids who've accused him, to be blunt, of molestation, to have their say," Simmons told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview from Los Angeles on Thursday. Simmons, who's a popular - and reliably outspoken - reality TV star in addition to a rocker, said he initially declined to provide his opinion on Jackson, but that enough time had elapsed since the singer's death for him to break his silence. At the time, Simmons was living with Diana Ross and found Jackson to be "charming and shy and self-effacing, you know, very pleasant, obviously talented." Jackson paid millions of dollars to settle out of court with a 13-year-old who accused him of molestation in 1993, Simmons noted.