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Not only does He long to draw you into closer fellowship with Him—He also wants to minister to others through you.

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or height or depth, or any other thing that is created.“God loves you.” I cannot count how many times I have heard this. In life, we often get so caught up in our day-to-day activities that we forget how much God loves us.That is crazy to me because Jesus is perfect and we are far from it.Isn’t it comforting to know that through your worst mistakes and through your most stressful circumstances, God still loves you?A certain woman in our church is known for her sunny, joyful disposition.

Several years ago she came into my office and shared some devastating news with me.All the exercises of the spiritual life, our reading and praying, our willing and doing, have their very great value.But they can go no farther than this, that they point the way and prepare us in humility to look to and to depend alone upon God Himself, and in patience to wait His good time and mercy.As she spoke, she was amazingly composed and the sweetness in her spirit caught me totally off guard.When we finished our conversation, she asked me sincerely, “May I pray for you?The kind of joy this woman had was normal for the New Testament church and it should be normal for us, too.