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If your dataset is a SQL statement that fetches one million rows from a remote database, your program will still have to load all one millions rows.Once loaded, however, in the code for an example of what an item sorter has to do.

NOTE: This delegate does not sort the model objects themselves.Remember this control knows nothing about your model objects, so sorting them makes no difference to the control. ” column, you could still sort by the incidents so that emergencies were shown first: properties.Note that you can’t delete genres that have one or more reviews attached to them. Chapter 15 digs much deeper into changing the user interface (UI) to disable the Delete links so users can no longer accidentally click them.(visible in Figure 13-5), to sort the data in the grid on that column. Though it will handle a large number of rows, it is better suited for smaller lists, that is, about 1000 rows or less. You can always change it to one of the others later on.

of the data set – it does not change the process of loading data into the dataset.Upon successful completion of the update, the tab transforms back to its default state, and the status message “The golden record was successfully updated” appears.Note: The standard Joomla order widget defines the order in which the elements appear within their groups.First, look at the markup for the attribute in a different location. NET controls, the order of attributes in the control declaration doesn’t matter.A couple of interesting things are worth examining. You normally only need these if your column or table name contains a special character such as a space or the name matches a reserved word.For example, this: There are some columns just don’t make sense to be resizeable.