Delphi 7 updating

First of all, I think this is a very important move: listen to users, including potential and past users. Second, most of the posts have been relevant and sincere, more than the average for a similar topic.

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So, if we update a title you’ve already purchased from us, you can click on its link in the My Account section and download the new version. Added: Murray’s translations of ‘The Iliad’ and ‘The Odyssey’. 3rd February 2014 Added: entirely revised e Book, with newly formatted texts and detailed introductions, with more images. We are pleased to announce our new service, where we automatically send an email to let you know an e Book you previously purchased from us has been updated. The TProgress Bar control provides visual feedback about the progress of some actions within your application. Position := 0; end; I guess the above way of using a progress bar is also what you have in your application.The Position, Max and Min properties determine the current position of the progress bar within its minimum and maximum values. Max := NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS; try for i := 1 to NUMBER_OF_ELEMENTS do begin begin // do some operation end; //update progress bar Progress Bar1. Set the Max value, run some loop, update the progress bar position to notify the user of the progress of the loop.Back from Delphi Developer Days (Kudos to Marco and Cary) and after cleaning up the mess in my inbox I would like to share some thought I had during one of the sessions named “Delphi: Today and Tomorrow”.

Some of the attendants mentioned they were still working with older Delphi versions and even if the newer versions were laying around they refused to make the step migrating their applications to the current Delphi XE.Now, would you expect, using the above code, to actually see the progress bar progressing?The answer to that questions depends on two other questions: how fast will the loop finish and on what version of Windows (themed or not) the application is being run! Position; *) end; And my code looking as below, ensures the visibility of the progress bar actually moving even when the time to process something is less than it would be needed for Windows to paint (animate) the progress bar moving from 0 to 100! Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var dir Files : TString Dyn Array; a File : string; begin dir Files := TDirectory.I have to say that I agree with many reasons expressed.While I mostly use Delphi 2006, I have a copy of Delphi 7 installed for programs I had problems porting over, mostly because of third party components or web services-related troubles.When Delphi XE2 will be delivered I can concentrate on what is new in that version.