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Sophos, a world leader in anti-virus and anti-spam protection for business, today announced that Dear Deidre, the UK's best-known problem page, has selected its anti-virus software to provide automatic protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

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"When our previous anti-virus solution let the Sircam virus through we were out of commission for four days.This was disastrous as we pride ourselves on timeliness, and when a reader's problem is urgent, we often need to reply within minutes." "Small businesses want a product which is easy to use, and value for money from a company with a good reputation," said Oliver Carter, UK sales manager at Sophos.Deidre's team was dissatisfied with its previous anti-virus protection as it caused application conflicts and even allowed infection from the Sircam virus.It chose to switch to the award-winning Sophos Anti-Virus along with the Sophos Enterprise Manager automatic update tool, as it was easy to install and keep up-to-date, even for those with little technical knowledge or time to devote to maintenance.The court heard how Mr Wallis ordered the prepared column be scrapped and replaced by one about an “evil conniving girlfriend” who had deliberately got pregnant in order destroy her boyfriend’s promotion.

On another occasion he claimed Mr Wallis had been ordered by Mr Mac Kenzie to fire someone, but had got the wrong person, in a case of “mistaken identity”.The agony column receives approximately 1,500 letters from readers each week, with two-thirds currently arriving by email.This growing reliance on email has meant that the Dear Deidre team has increasingly become exposed to the risk of virus infection.Each was explored through the experiences of one of Deidre’s correspondents, and helpfully illustrated by lengthy reconstructions starring a cast of stunners.For number three itself, we met Kate, who was 17 when she started having sex with strangers while her boyfriend watched – usually from the neighbouring cubicle in the night-club toilets.The Sun has an amazing spoof comic strip of the Greek debt crisis in its agony aunt column on Friday.