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The County Clerk’s Office is a major source of funding for the County of Salem’s budget.In the past five years, the County Clerks’ Office has added nearly three million dollars in revenue to the county and also has given the State of NJ nearly six million for the state budget.

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The house remained in the Corwin family until the mid-1800's.

In 1944, the threatened destruction of The Witch House became the catalyst that launched a new wave of restoration in Salem.

The Salem County Clerk also maintains the archival and historic documents of Salem County, including newspapers dating back to the 1800’s.

In addition, the County Clerk provides a speaker program to organizations and schools.

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Anybody can have fun here, without paying even a single penny. Hook up with them while enjoying complete mobility from your phone.From earliest settlement through the nation's rise as a maritime power, to the early Industrial Revolution, Essex County offers an exciting American story.Inquire at the National Park Service Visitor Center for information.Please note that the County Clerk is not in charge of Court Records.Please contact the appropriate state office for information related to the Courts. Information, sales area, exhibits on early settlement, maritime era and leather and textile industry. Open weekdays from 10AM to 4PM and weekends from 9AM to 5PM.