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Two Thai men accused of involvement in a murder case in Thailand were arrested in Burma and deported into the custody of Thai law enforcement authorities on Thursday.Their detentions came days after Thai police sought their Burmese counterparts’ cooperation to track down the alleged murderers, a pair of Thai women who reportedly fled to Shan State’s Tachileik Township after killing and mutilating the corpse of a young woman in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

The Thai women who committed the murder were brought to Burma and given shelter by Thai men,” Htein Win added.

An ongoing hunt for the alleged murderers within Burma’s borders came following a request for assistance from the Thailand-Myanmar Border Township Committee (TBC) on 29 May.

The murder of Warisara Klinjui, whose body parts were retrieved from a makeshift grave in Khon Kaen’s Khao Suan Kwang district on 25 May, has drawn much public attention.

Preeyanuch “Preaw” Nonwangchai, 24, Kawita “Earn” Ratchada, 25, and Apiwan “Jae” Sattayabundit, 28, are now wanted on charges of premeditated murder and concealing a body.

Of the two deported men, police say one is accused of driving the two murder suspects to Tachileik on 25 May, while the other allegedly harboured the fugitive women in the border town.

“In our investigation, we have not found any involvement of Burmese citizens in the murder case.

Many male ghosts, except "POO SOM FAO SAP" (ปู่โสมเฝ้าทรัพย์), were created from pure imagination, while most female ghosts are linked in folk tales dating many generations back.

In Thai tradition, a ghost can be a protector and an antagonist.

Ghost movies have constantly enjoyed their popularity among the Thai movie going public.

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