Dating old wedding photographs

There were no names on the back, and no one else in the family recognizes the people shown.

Picture inquiries are handled individually and confidentially by email or occasionally in person, if a complete photograph album or fragile pictures are involved.Clients can choose from different services ranging from basic photo dating to advanced picture analysis expressed in a 1-2 page report.Since this is, and was then, a residential address of terraced houses, it is likely that he did not have a studio on the premises, perhaps only a processing dark room.Another example of this photographer's work sent to me by Marilyn Mc Millan also depicts a wedding party, that of the double marriage of sister and brother Dorothy and George Hirst in early 1944.To submit your own mystery photos for free analysis, follow these instructions.

Barbara's aunt found this picture among her belongings.

Jayne Shrimpton MA, photo dating expert and dress historian, offers a professional service to individuals and organisations wishing to date old photographs and artworks.

She works mainly with family historians, dating old photos, carte de viste cards, postcards, cabinet cards and analysing family pictures, but also helps institutions and groups who would like to date an old photo or understand their vintage image collection.

To put it into context, if we were a band we’d be AC/DC, The Beatles or the Ramones; we wouldn’t be Westlife or an X Factor winner.

We’re far more artistic rather than manufactured and bland.

The vast nature of our work has a documentary-style with a candid approach – so we’ll be there to capture every true emotion, every laugh, joke and yes, even the tears without you knowing it.