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Ehrlich received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908.

In 1906 Ehrlich prophesied the role of modern-day pharmaceutical research, predicting that chemists in their laboratories would soon be able to produce substances that would seek out specific disease-causing agents.

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After a bout with tuberculosis and his subsequent cure with tuberculin therapy, developed by fellow German Robert Koch, Ehrlich focused his attention on bacterial toxins and antitoxins.

(They included photos of an actual decomposing basking shark.) This was despite our having previously given favourable publicity to the ‘plesiosaur’ interpretation in our literature.

After this ‘plesiosaur’ article, a person approached me at a creation seminar, and, obviously upset, stated, ‘First you take away the Paluxy prints, then the moondust, and now you’ve destroyed the 1977 plesiosaur argument.

In 1986 a number of leading creationist researchers decided that the evidence of supposedly human and dinosaur footprints, found together at the Paluxy River in Texas, had serious problems.

They decided that, pending further research to establish the correct interpretation of the prints, they could no longer be safely used as evidence supporting the fact (based on the biblical account of creation) that man and dinosaur lived at the same time.

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