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See the most-read stories in Entertainment this hour If you're wondering where all those names are coming from, here's the breakdown: Frances is "The O.C." alum's mom's first name, and Setta is Baccarin's mother's maiden name.

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They then both left together in a taxi as they left the Hard Rock Hotel.

The rumored couple comes one week after Dobrev’s ex, Somerhalder, has been spotted around Los Angeles with his new girlfriend, ‘Twilight’ actress Nikki Reed.

Any woman worth her salt has to draw a line at some point. I was living in Santa Monica and Clint Eastwood's wife introduced herself to me at a restaurant.

And that line is definitely having bunk beds as a 22-year-old. I had auditioned for an Eastwood movie and she was complimentary of my audition—which was nice but a little weird. Then she said, "You know, we love the show." Who is ? And Clint watches it with them."You were making money for the first time. As long as they're not actual real ones where you can lose the key.

Schenkkan is Mc Kenzie's real last name; he uses his middle name as his surname professionally.

It's the first child for Mc Kenzie and the second for Baccarin, who were outed as a couple — a couple having a baby together — just after the Primetime Emmy Awards in September.

She is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with Austin, who she shares two-year-old son Julius with, but the proceedings have allegedly been temporarily put on hold until after she gives birth.

"Gotham's" population just went up by one: Ben Mc Kenzie and Morena Baccarin have a baby girl.

It's better to shut up and look dangerous than speak and reveal yourself to be an idiot. I've also never had a problem dating as I see fit when I'm not in a relationship. If I asked all the women you ever dated to agree on something about you, What would they say?

You had bunk beds in your first New York apartment. You to talk about it before you enter the apartment. I may have managed a makeout session or two, but I certainly don't remember being able to seal the deal. The guilt of not being monogamous would be massive.

People are genuinely surprised when you ask them out." Mc Kenzie clearly has a romantic side — but he's not always Prince Charming.