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As a community education provider, we regularly partner with public schools, colleges, nonprofits, credit unions, social service organizations, and local employers and employee assistance program services.

Hosted by the Ohio Treasurer of State, The Smart Money Choices Program provides a day-long community-based financial education program covering numerous personal finance topics including budgeting, credit, insurance, investments, and retirement planning.

No matter what your situation is, we can help you identify the right solution for your needs.

Start managing your debt » Credit cards offer a unique challenge when it comes to debt due to high interest rates and minimum payments that barely make a dent in your balances. Take control of your credit » Your home is your most important asset and we can help you protect it!

From reverse mortgages for seniors to counseling for first-time homebuyers, our HUD-certified team helps you find solutions.

December 23, 2012 - Over the past few years, interest rates on loans have really come down.

Of course, some people will use this as an excuse to get further into debt but this will surely backfire on them if they do not take care.

Find your way home » Whether you need help with budgeting and saving, you want to maximize your credit, or you’re planning ahead for a major life event, we have the personal finance advice you need to get ahead.

Make your financial plan » After a few contracts fell through, Marta’s bank helped her connect with Consolidated Credit’s First Time Homebuyer Course.

See how the class helped Marta understand the process and achieve success.

Learn more about our homebuyer education resources » [On-screen text] Client Success: Marta tells us how Consolidated Credit’s 1st Time Homebuyer Class made her process easy and less stressful. I decided to buy a home because I wanted to settle down with my family.

The conference is held in 11 cities across Ohio and reaches individuals and families from across the state.

Trinity provides counseling and education for managing credit card debt, evaluating a credit report, and understanding credit scoring.

In general terms, easing payments on several high interest loans by rolling them all into one that has a lower interest rate is the best way to use this phenomenon to its full advantage.