Cons consolidating police agencies

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When viewed from a broader historical context, it is difficult to find any serious examples of occasions when government became more efficient as it became larger.Indianapolis consolidated its sheriff's office with the city police department and ended up planning to spend more on the combined department than on the two separately.Cities and provinces have local laws, but most serious crimes fall under the federal criminal statutes.But Canada came into its national identity by a very different route than did the United States, and Canada doesn't have a constitution that gives very specific powers to the federal government, with everything else under state rule.One thing is clear: consolidation does not affect the number of calls for service, but it may affect how they are dispatched, and it also may have an impact on the associated costs.

Several types of consolidation are discussed below, and each has the potential to meet the needs of city, county and state agencies the dispatch center serves.Canada does a reasonably effective job with a national police, in the form of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.The RCMP functions as local police, sheriffs and deputies, highway patrol, and as a federal investigative agency, similar to the FBI.In theory, this would reduce costs by eliminating duplicate administrations, payroll services, supply chains, etc.In practice, it would be a disaster on several levels.This article focuses on misconceptions that create barriers to consolidating dispatch/communication center operations.