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Portage is a true ports (package management) system used by Gentoo Linux in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and has a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, fake (Open BSD-style) installs, path sand boxing, safe un-merging, system profiles, virtual packages, configuration file management, and more.

Portage lets you install software packages easy as pie. emerge is the definitive command-line interface to the Portage system.

Gentoo Wiki Community made documentation Flameeyes's Unofficial ebuilds has unofficial ebuilds for Gentoo.

gentoox is a Gentoo based Linux distribution for XBOX. Taylor has made some excellent Gentoo artwork and a theme called Lila.

If you looking to manage configuration outside rpm consider puppet or chef.

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We are using the Subversion RCS, but the same concepts apply whether you are using other systems (such as CVS or Arch).

The RCS will want to act on a single directory tree, but in most cases our configuration files are spread out over the file system. (The portage “world” file, a record of everything installed on your system, for instance, is in /var/lib/portage.) What we do is create a directory called /server-rcs that will be managed by the RCS, and in that directory is copies or links to all of the configuration files on the system.

Placing this diversion and replacement package in its own config package allows the package to be installed by debian-installer before first boot.

The replacement file is best provided as a regular package file (not a conffile) somewhere other than the original location, and symlinked from /etc.

If the replacements are also configuration files, there are twice as many cases of package installation states to deal with, and no preinst or postrm scripts to execute any logic to handle the additional cases.