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However, if your dating resume is a lackluster chronology of short-lived romances and potential relationships which never came to fruition, it’s time to assess whether you are (at least partly) to blame.

So if you are ready to accept responsibility for your love life, take a look below at five common behaviors which cause men to flee.

Unfortunately, some people experience one dating rejection and end up starved for intimacy and connection for many years thereafter.

So if you keep “waiting until,” you may be waiting forever. You can go to a party on Friday night and spend your rainy Saturday afternoon drinking hot cocoa and checking your matches.Instead of looking at dates that don’t turn into relationships as failures, try to view them as experiences. We seek out the 6 foot, Ivy League-educated business owner, and get disappointed when we realize they’re a psychopath.But your date might not even realize you’re interested in him!You tend to be more aware of your internal feelings than you are capable of conveying them. You are daydreaming about the wedding, the dress, the honeymoon and the children, but you didn’t catch on that your date just wasn’t that into you. They either act disinterested (appearing cool and aloof) or they go over the top, making their partner feel awkward. But even though online dating is changing the way people date, it doesn't mean it makes dating easier. It's really easy to make mistakes and advertise false images to potential dates.

With so many apps at your fingertips and so little time to actually get out there and meet people, online dating seems to be the best option for young adults.

You like to make the plans, call the shots, and have the last word.

On your first date, you are charming, quick-witted, and confident. The romantic mistake you are likely to make is being too controlling or moving too quickly for your partner.

And this is not the only mistake one can make when it comes to online dating.

Here are the eight most common mistakes people make while online dating: If you're afraid of putting yourself out there, you'll never be able to find a potential date.

Dating is rarely “easy,” but sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. If the answer is yes, hope to have another date, not a wedding.