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marks the 33-year-old's fifth studio album and the first time fans have been given new music from her in three years.

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I’m supposed to be vegan, but pizza makes that very hard,” Chrisette writes on her official website. She doesn’t listen to R&B Chrisette may have an R&B-esque sound, but this R&B diva doesn’t listen to much R&B music.Chrisette says that her favorite genres of music are hip-hop, soul, and indie music. She suffers from ADHD and her brother suffers from Bi-Polar disorder Chrisette Michele has previously said she suffers from ADHD and has a hard time concentrating and focusing in.Chrisette Michele is a Grammy award winning R&B/Soul singer who was first rose onto the music scene in 2006 with hit singles such as “If I Have my Way,” “Be OK,” and “Epiphany.” Since then, Chrisette has gone on to make timeless music and collaborate with music industry heavyweights including Jay-Z and Rick Ross.Now, that she’s re-introducing herself to the world as a singer under her own label, Rich Hipster, let’s get to know more about the woman behind the soulful hits. Her favorite food is Pizza Chrisette Michele loves pizza so much, that she describes herself as a pizza connoisseur.As previously reported, Chrisette denounced Ross after he lost the “Best Hip-Hop Song” category to Eminem and was scene storming out of the awards angrily shortly after. Hopefully if we win a Grammy, she’ll come out and accept it with your boy.

In an excerpt of her blog, she writes,“Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? Using ugly words could give off the wrong impression.

According to Hip Hop Wired, Chrisette made a public statement referencing Ross, whom she thought walked out of the awards ceremony after losing in the "Best Hip Hop Song" category to rapper Eminem.

As reported Hip Hop Wired, on her personal blog she wrote, "If this is the way hip hop is then I denounce it," wrote Chrisette "...

Who stands off at an award show because they don't win? Using ugly words could give off the wrong impression. That could make your haircut look ugly to me now." But, all seems to be well now between the two who have linked up again for the first single off of and Ross used the opportunity to apologize for the public tension and express his love for the "Couple Of Forevers" singer.

An award is winning at being as "stuck in a category" as possible." Though Ross later defended himself stating there were other reasons that prompted him to leave the show that night that had nothing to do with losing to another rapper, he also spoke on the words from Chrisette's blog. "You know I love you girl," Ross recites as the song opens. It's been too long." During his verse he again references his love for the singer stating, "I've been in love with you for six years since 'Aston Martin Music' Drizzy came behind you on that smooth sh*t." Chrisette shared in a tweet video how hearing those words from Ross on her song really "struck a chord" with her.

At the 2010 Soul Train awards he allegedly stormed out of the ceremony because he was beaten to the Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year trophy by Eminem.