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They went their separate ways when Catherine pushed him to have a family.

Leslie, 37, has since claimed: "I don't think I had been in love…"1995 Catherine Zeta-Jones and her married co-star in the television mini-series "Catherine The Great" Paul Mc Gann were seen in a passionate embrace.

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Paul left his wife Annie and two sons and he and Catherine were rumored to be househunting in west London.

September 1998 - Present Catherine Zeta-Jones is married to Michael Douglas.

Our “culture” imposes arbitrary standards of desirability, which include being young in the case of women but not for men.

People in our “culture” are therefore “socialized” to expect attractive women in movies to be young, not old, whereas men, who are not subject to the same arbitrary standards, can be old and still sexy.

Thankfully, the actress wasn't too bothered by Michael's odd pick up line and the two later married in November 2000.

Much of her career had been in musical theatre up till then, but playing Mariette was her big break.

Can a leopard actually change his spots, is the question everyone wants to know!

Michael Douglas’ first serious relationship can be said to have been the husky voiced American actress of Italian origin, Brenda Vaccaro.

But, people had hoped that he had mended his ways when he settled down with the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones.

So, everyone was taken back, when rumors regarding the two separating, started surfacing.

They lived together for nearly six years from 1971 onwards before calling it a day.