Bronagh waugh and kieron richardson dating

The ultimate Hollyoaks family reunion has happened. Gemma Merna AKA Carmel Mc Queen and Leah Hackett (Tina Mc Queen) swapped their shrouds for glad rags to join Jennifer Metcalfe – otherwise known as Mercedes Mc Queen, at the swanky launch party for The Bar at Gaucho in Manchester.

True, but have you ever known a Mc Queen to turn down a free drink?

Steven "Ste" Hay (also Mc Queen) is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Kieron Richardson.

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John Paul and Sinead, who both have strong feelings for Ste, will also no doubt have their own parts to play in the story.” There have also been big moments for Kieron Richardson offscreen recently: the 29-year-old married long-term boyfriend Carl Hyland just last week (April 25).

The pair tied the knot in front of several of the show’s cast members, including Stephanie Davis, Jennifer Metcalfe, Jorgie Porter, Jazmine Franks, ­Gemma Merna and ­Bronagh Waugh, who all served as honorary bridesmaids.

See full summary » Hollyoaks is a British TV soap opera, that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work.

first broadcast on 23 October 1995, on the Channel 4 network.

Every year, the male stars would release a "Hollyoaks Hunks" calendar and the female stars would release a "Hollyoaks Babes" calendar, in which the actors and actresses would pose in states of undress.

See more » I can understand why teenagers might like "Hollyoaks" - it produces a glamorous myth about university/young working life in a somewhat realistic environment (what I mean is a small town that most people would end up residing in as opposed to the centre of London or the hippest part of Manhattan).A Hollyoaks source told Digital Spy: “Harry and Ste get together later this year, but their decision could have huge consequences for a number of characters.“Ste is best friends with Harry’s father Tony, but their friendship may not survive once the relationship gets under way.Joe's fiancée, Lindsey Butterfield debuted in June, as did Frank Symes.Danny Lomax and DS Trent made their first appearances in July, while Fraser Black, Chloe and Sam Lomax began appearing from August. Mariam Andrews, Peri, Tegan and Leela Lomax were introduced in October.An hourly prime time version of the daytime television show of the same name.