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Once everyone else moved here, we started to hang out a lot. They make me carry myself differently, and mannerisms come a lot more easily when I’m wearing “Walt’s clothes.”17: Is there anything about the ‘80s that you wish we still had today?

We aren’t really into the night scene, so we find other ways to hang out. Brendan: The lack of technology and how no one knew where you were at all times!

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We just hope that they will soon come out as a couple. Katie started her acting career with her first guest appearance on the FOX sci-fi series called Fringe.

From that moment on, Katie began to progress on the course of getting established as an acclaimed actress.

has not been easy on Walt, played by relative newcomer Brendan Dooling.

He has dated two girls despite harboring a serious crush on a man in the city — and as the season's progressed, he's begun the complicated process of coming out, both to himself and to his friends.

Personally, I'm most enamored with Brendan Dooling's Walt, who is on a journey to gay self-discovery, but through the lens of 1984, it's truly uncharted territory for the character and the audience.

ETonline caught up with this bright new star to talk about Walt's journey and what fans can expect from tonight's all-new ETonline: This is the first time an entire generation of people have seen their version of a coming out story represented on TV.

Do you feel any pressure about bringing that to life?

Brendan Dooling: It's a big part to play, not just in the show, but also in the grand scheme of things.

Brendan Dooling: Anna Sophia [Robb] and I had dinner at this really nice Italian spot in New York, and that was our real first bonding experience. And Chloe [Bridges] and Katie [Findlay] are probably my closest friends from the show.17: What do you think of the show's ‘80s clothes? It’s a lot of popped collars with button-downs and sweaters on top.

We just talked about where we were from and our hopes for the show. I don’t always love the color palette, but they help me get into character.

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