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ne year ago I wrote in these pages about how the Inter Varsity ministry at Bowdoin College, with a forty year history of ministering the Christian Gospel, was formally refused access to meet with students on campus facilities.

The Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship at Bowdoin College previously operated primarily from a base on campus and only secondarily retreated to points beyond.Those priorities have been reversed by force of circumstance, and the ministry now operates primarily from its newly acquired space on the of campus.That story and the article explaining some of the details can be found here.Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship is the campus ministry through which my wife and I became Christians years ago.It is also where we have been privileged to serve together for the past ten years as part of a Christian ministry which is committed in principle to serving “on campus” the college and the students that attend there. On-campus ministry became a complicated task, however, when these doors of access closed.

One year later, the ministry continues with these important changes to report. This Christian ministry, through the help of committed friends, acquired a building on the edge of campus and became a member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers.

The meetings that once took place in the college chapel, the college dining halls, and in buildings reserved for Christians to practice religious faith now take place in a converted living room at the Joseph and Alice Mc Keen Christian Study Center, named after the first President of Bowdoin College and his first lady.

The challenge to incarnational and invitational ministry has changed.

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