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An interesting footnote here is the fact that Robert Friedland, one of the world’s most successful global resource developers, taught Jobs about the reality distortion field when Jobs was a college student in 1972.And he’s used it to promote a ton of successful mining ventures over the past 35 years—he’s found and developed them on nearly every corner of the globe. I was actually on a trip with Friedland last week, touring three of his latest mining projects in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).With summer finally here it's time to start planning your holiday wardrobe.

His spiritual attitudes had a huge effect on young Steve Jobs."He turned me on to a different level of consciousness," Jobs said.The first shaft is set to be sunk any day now, and once built, Platreef will be unlike all other platinum mines in South Africa. Sure, 73% of the world’s platinum originates there, but the average mine is a kilometer deep, where underground workers mine ore bodies just a meter thick, in blazing hot temperatures upwards of 122ºF (50ºC).Conversely, the Platreef ore body is 24 meters thick on average—a freak of nature by platinum standards—which will allow for air-conditioned, mechanized labor.He left, apologetic, but Friedland urged him to stay and the two became fast friends.

Friedland had ended up at Reed College with Steve Jobs under wildly unusual circumstances.

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Steve Jobs was a man who adopted many mentors in his life, but one of his mentors deserves more than a passing look: Robert Friedland, a charismatic, free love wacko who dealt LSD and had his own free love commune on the same apple orchard that inspired Steve for the name of his company.

We're very deeply interested in how you store electrical energy in the grid.