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When parents remarry or move in with a new partner who has children from a pre-existing marriage, a child faces further threats to his sense of stability.

Although it can be upsetting to see your child miserable about the relationship which makes you happy, bear in mind that dismissing their feelings is likely to make their insecurities grow, not disappear.

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If your child is reluctant to talk, try guessing at their underlying emotions with tentative, gentle questions: “I wonder if you’re feeling sad that we don’t get as much time together anymore?” or “I imagine it must be really tough not having your own room anymore?” I got divorced from my children’s father when they were 3 and 5. Eventually, of course, we told them we were dating, and then he asked them for their permission before he proposed to me. Our situation was complicated by the fact that the kids and I moved 1,000 miles away from their dad shortly after the wedding, due to my husband’s job. Some of the advice was universal: Let the parent take the lead, with stepparent playing a supportive but non-disciplinary role, at first. Don’t expect instant harmony, and don’t put pressure on the kids to accept the new status quo right away.I read all of the books about co-parenting and dating and how to Do Things Right, and in general I think there are Rules Everyone Has Heard which make a lot of sense: 1) Never badmouth your kids’ parent. We had a small wedding with the kids standing up with us as Girl Of Honor and Best Boy. This was (and still is) hard on their biological father, and although it’s not ideal and there’s a lot I could say about that aspect of our story, let’s just agree that that part is not entirely mine to tell. True to their individual forms, my son launched himself onto my new husband with a bear-hug tackle to proclaim his love approximately 3.4 seconds after we were pronounced married, whereas my daughter—older, less demonstrative, and more guarded in general—waited a few months before the first time she fixed my husband with a defiant glare and a “you’re not the boss of me.” My kids had to deal with a lot of change.Dear Rosie & Sherry, I am a 40-year-old professional female, divorced, with two sons ages 9 and 12.

Three years ago I met a man (Steve), early 40s, whose wife had recently died of cancer.

When I started writing here at Alphamom, I asked folks to let me know what they wanted to hear about, and the immediate answer from multiple readers was “please talk about blending a family.” My out-loud response was, “Sure, I’d be happy to!

” My only-inside-my-head response was, “Oh dear God, why does anyone think I have any idea how to do that?

Adolescents are at a developmental stage where they are more sensitive to expressions of affection and sexuality, and may be disturbed by an active romance in their family.

Couples should make priority time for each other, by either making regular dates or taking trips without the children.

Math isn’t my strong suit, but given the rate of divorce in the U.