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The grip's surface is decorated with engraving placed in geometrical formations. The disk pommel and oval quillon block or guard show scalloped edges and toward the knuckle bow.The blade is of the desirable chirra type with multiple fullers.Percussion lock appears to be in working order, has a powerful mainspring. Andrew on cross, battle honour Sphinx over "EGYPT". 9" round brass barrel, .58 cal., Birmingham proofs, breech stamped "SHARPE EXTRA PROOF". Solid stock, no cracks or repairs, uncleaned and retaining nearly all original varnish with untouched raised grain surface (feathering). Pistol has strong character and is a nice example of a class of pistol that armed many Militia officers and Militia cavalry troopers, wagon drivers and canal and river boatmen, as well as citizens from New York to St. Marbled covers detached from spine, which has above title in gold letters.

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Well it's summer time again and Vintage Baseball is hotter than ever. A rag mop for basting is an essential item for both home and camp.Our bases were designed by and are approved by the players themselves. It is not only the most period correct item for the job it is simply the best item for the job. It covers the meat with a smooth even coating with just one pass.The hilt of this formidable weapon is of a known type that is of rare form.It is of genuine Nepalese manufacture, indicated by the long stupa pommel and the bolster of the type seen on Nepalese Kora.Seeing a blade for the first time In matric he watched a movie about Nick Vujicic, an Australian motivational speaker who had no arms or legs because of a rare disorder.

He felt Vujicic was sending him a message not to let his disability get him down.

No other base on the market offers Blockade Runners tough 10.3 weatherproof canvas and solid construction technics. No need to stand over the hot fire using something that was never made for the job (A paint brush).

They are a super tough design and with proper storage they will give even the toughest team season after season of good service. And speaking of baseball, a lot of the boys have come to us requesting something to replace the toesack that they have been using to cover their water cooler during the games. Heavy enough to make those brogans a little more comfortable yet light enough to ease the heat on the feet! Applying multible thin coats of sauce while you melt!

Steel scabbard, no dents, light pitting overall matching hilt.

Blade is bright and clean, etching clear and sharp of the best quality.

He felt a lot more comfortable when he got his sponsored blade in 2014.