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Black is a site dedicated to the black community and the issues facing them today.It is a place where people can meet, make friends and date all while learning more about what they can do to strengthen their community.And from what I can see there are only a few bright rays of sunshine on this website.

Most people I know don't use it much because it's so flawed. You can't enlarge photos, edit stats or posts, the notifications only half work.I don't believe anyone ever works on this app because these complaints aren't new and they haven't changed for years.The site is interactive and deals with many issues that are important to the African American population, specifically.Black Planet also places plenty of advertising throughout the site and many of these ads are from Fortune 500 companies.This is the largest black community online and you can meet people for all kinds of different reasons.

You can look for dates, friendships, networking or anything else you are in the mood for.

still smell the Similac on yo breath" ...whyyyy do I get approached like this #whyimsingle Outward beauty isn't the brightest light, it's more like a 60 watt bulb.

It's the mind and heart that shine like the sun.

We would love to hear your feedback on this app: Website: [email protected] of service and privacy policy: only way I can describe this ad is that it is so amazing.

I really enjoy it because there are a whole lot of history sting people on here however, there is no perfection in everything not even in ourselves.

Black Planet is a popular online personals site for single Black men and women who want to connect for friendship, love and romance.