Beastilty chat hour

I was immedatly bombarded with “Atheists have sex with goats” and other derivitives of the concept of beastiality.A fellow by the screen name of American Christian proclaimed “This is the reason I will never ask an atheist to look after my dog.” The conversation was based on objective morality being proof of a god.

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Chew gave a short introduction, and agreed with Tyra that furry costumes were "quite similar" to mascot costumes worn at sporting events, but explained that furries wore costumes to their own events, where there were dances.The host teased Chew about going to Disneyland and "getting turned on" by Mickey Mouse, which she denied.Improv is a great oral tradition and lots of amazing thoughts, ideas and approaches have been passed down through the years.One of the great things about the modern era is that podcasts are capturing the musings of improv legends past and present. If Jimmy Carrene’s self esteem wasn’t so low he could easily call this podcast “Legend talking to legends doing legendary scenes”.The conversations then turned when a man by the screen name of Nephilimfree decided to exclaim that “science has disproved evolution!

” He then went on to babble for nearly half an hour citing every creationist unsubstantiated claim he could in support of a god created world.

I cited the many immoral people who believe in god far exceed those that do not in federal prisons. What is perfectly moral in the middle east, could be considered completely atrocious here in North America (ex.

I also argued that morality is a product of civilization. Women being stoned for adultery, female genital mutilation, arranged marriages, etc.) and vise versa (ex. Morality is a philosophical manifestation of social norms and has demonstrated that neither a God or humanity has the slightest clue as to the proper interpretation of the rules of objectivity.

What makes Improv Nerd special is that they will then do scenes and then discuss how those scenes went.

Dave Razowsky’s interview quickly turns from being an interview into a lecture on the beauty of Chicago-style long form.

It's a concept all us "House" fans have been familiar with from the get-go, a philosophy so good they put it on a t-shirt.