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Then of course, it asks for the 2010 installation disk. The internet is littered with people in the same predicament. You have to fill out a request form to have a sales person contact you regarding it. I need to go listen to some really loud Tool for a while.

Apparently when 2010 was installed, it was installed with a download from their website. Someone at the client however, deleted the installation files. The solution is to go to the downloads area and download the trial version of DLO2012. Two days later, they email you and ask if you’re certain you want this.

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That no longer exists in 2012, cause it is it’s own product now. This is the worst god damned software on earth, bar none.

With that installed for 2010, you cannot upgrade to 2012 unless you remove it. Open Backup Exec, go to options or something like that and uncheck it. I swear, if the installation doesn’t like the color of the paint on the walls, it fucking throws a bitch fit.

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The cleaning light is blinking on your tape backup device and last night's backup failed to finish successfully.

The log file for the backup job in Symantec Backup Exec states that the software was unable to write to the backup media. One of the most common causes for this error message is dirty read/write heads on the tape drive device.Flexible licensing options for on-premise software include Capacity Edition or new Capacity Edition Lite offerings that are scalable to accommodate data growth and licensed per front-end TB!This is a nice change from traditional licensing of per server, socket, host, device, and/or user pack; depending on the agent or edition.There is a way to upgrade active maintenance to either Capacity Edition Lite or Capacity Edition via special SKUs.If you are running an older version of Backup Exec, you’re missing out on the advances in capability and performance that Backup Exec has made over the years.Thank whatever god you believe in that backup tapes are on their fucking way out. I started the upgrade for a client of mine from 2010 to 2012. Scoured the internet, for the error message: The Backup Exec Server Service did not start. The “Solution” is to remove the software again, reboot, then manually hack out ALL references to Symantec and Backup Exec from the registry. Why can’t you make a software that just fucking installs or upgrades?