Auto updating rss feed

You can schedule messages to be posted at different intervals - at a time your audience is most likely to be online.

Or choose to post Immediately - whenever new posts are found.

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Subscribing to an RSS feed saves you time because you will not have to check each study record in your search results for updates.

RSS feeds can provide updates to the results of a specific search, on all recently added study records, or on all recently modified studies.

Sadly, there is no support for When I started blogging, I asked myself ” who will read your post?

how will people know that you have published something on your blog?

Here are some tips on adding feeds to your feedly or discovering them on the site: Sometimes when you see you have the correct and that the site produces new content, they might have blocked us – in this case, please let us know either through Twitter: or the Open Community: Thank you.

Google , despite what Facebook might want you to think, is a thriving social network and a good channel to gain followers for your website.

To simplify this, there are many services that allow users to automatically post updates on Google and other social networks; one of them is Hoot Suite.

Many people recognize this as a social media dashboard but it’s more than that.

Well, many might knew about Twitterfeed or Google’s Feedburner integration with Twitter, which actually lets you send your feeds to twitter when publishing on your blog.

but, how about knowing your post to your Facebook or Linked In connections simultaneously?

One such similar Facebook app we have covered recently is Post Planner which is another useful app .