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Having a fever in pregnancy really does increase the risk of your child having autism, alarming research confirmed earlier this week.

Links between respiratory illnesses in expectant mothers and the spectrum disorder have frequently been uncovered by scientists.

This activates the subcortical system of the brain.

In autistic people, this region is oversensitive to the effects of direct gaze and emotional expression.

He's curious, rebellious, and trying to fit in — like any typical teen.

Autism Initiatives is a charity, which has been providing support and education services to people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) since 1972.

Though the American Psychiatric Association defines autism as a spectrum disorder—some people do not speak at all and have disabilities that make traditional relationships (let alone romantic ones) largely unfeasible, but there are also many who are on the "high-functioning" end and do have a clear desire for dating and romance.

Autism diagnosis rates have increased dramatically over the last two decades (the latest CDC reports show one in 50 children are diagnosed), and while much attention has been paid to early-intervention programs for toddlers and younger children, teens and adults with autism have largely been overlooked—especially when it comes to building romantic relationships.

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the US found that eye contact overstimulates the brain of an autistic person.

Dr Nouchine Hadkikhani, author of the study, said: 'The findings demonstrate that, contrary to what has been thought, the apparent lack of interpersonal interest among people with autism is not due to a lack of concern.'Rather, our results show that this behavior is a way to decrease an unpleasant excessive arousal stemming from over-activation in a particular part of the brain.'Humans are from birth drawn to the eyes of the human face.

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