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I love watching the capitaines deliberate over who the best Mardi Gras are at the end of the run. They are responsible for the safety of hundreds of drunk people for about ten hours ...I’ve seen capitaines react in times of crisis, break up fights, revive nearly dead frozen horses with a bottle of T. enough said.” The Mardi Gras celebrations of South Louisiana are generally determined by their geography: New Orleans is marked by extravagant, often gaudy, pageantry and parades; down the road, cities like Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Houma tout “family-friendly” iterations.

I mean, it has happened eleven times over the course of my life.To make beautiful, sepia-colored paper for art projects (like cards and tags), soak sheets of plain white card stock in a casserole tray filled with warm, brewed coffee.Story by Maryam Henein After witnessing eleven different men pleasuring themselves in public, I began to think maybe I was at fault.A closer look at the psychology of exhibitionism, and a cathartic car-side confrontation, helped me look away.A Honda Civic pulls up beside me and I unwillingly cringe.

The rest is ritual: The light changes and I casually let my vehicle lag a bit behind.

Deeper into the southwestern prairie, Mardi Gras takes on distinctly rural tones as it makes its raucous way through the countryside.

Here, an entourage of masked and costumed participants proceeds through the country, stopping at houses along the way to beg for the ingredients for a communal gumbo served at the end of the day.

It includes a new work by Les, get along and check it out if you live in Brisbane. Les has a painting in 'A Fragile State', a group show at Martin browne Fine Art, Potts point, Sydney.

Untitled (title sometimes appears in parentheses) is Les' first solo show of his paintings, and opens at MOP Projects, 2/39 Abercrombie St Chippendale at 6 pm on March 19. Opens 6pm, Wednesday the 7th of january, until the 25th of January.

Rumour has it that Marco Polo introduced velvet painting to the West.