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"We went to dinner before we saw , so I love that that very boring anecdote errand-slash-meal was considered sexy."Meanwhile, Kaling had told Stern last month that her relationship and subsequent not-by-choice breakup with Novak was "years ago," but it was pretty painful at the time."That was the hottest I've ever looked because I stopped eating," she cracked. "No one ever knew if we were together or not, including us. We were inseparable and not talking to each other, often on the same day.

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Tyga rang in his 26th birthday on Thursday, and fans everywhere noticed that Kylie Jenner was nowhere to be found—not on social media, not at his birthday party and not by his side. News can confirm the couple—who started dating in October 2014—has broken up.

Kylie was the one who made the decision to call things off just as she returned from Australia on Thursday because of "something Tyga did," a source tells TMZ."They are on a break," another insider tells us.

Ryan tries to break up with her several times, but fails until he finally moves to New York. (This role ends after one season.) His brother, Jesse, works as the show’s music producer.

Later, Novak hypothesizes to Vulture that their characters’ relationship probably came from “an observation from the writers’ room that Mindy and I were extremely close and constantly fighting. Honestly, we would sometimes not be speaking for an hour, and I couldn’t remember why. The tone in choosing which place to order lunch from. January 29, 2013: Novak begins a three-episode arc on The Mindy Project, playing Jamie, a potential love interest for Mindy.

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, Novak playfully clarified the status of his off-camera relationship with Kaling when a caller inquired about it after commenting on how they had such great chemistry on the show."I would say it was a great and terrible chemistry, and it reflected what we were like in real life," the 34-year-old actor said.“I can’t speak [for] him, but I think for me it was challenging to be in your mid-twenties — I’m such a sentimental person and I take things very hard — but that’s the nice thing about long friendships,” she said. Novak about their 'Office' co-workers Last year, it was reported the former couple were asked to pen a book on their relationship for a whooping .5 million, though nothing has come of the rumors yet.“That was, like, 12 years ago when that happened, so you get over things like that, but it totally was very challenging.” The “Mindy Project” actress continued on to say there wasn’t any on-set drama after the pair broke off their tumultuous relationship, and she has been candid in the past about the close friendship the two still maintain . Mindy Kaling has described her relationship with sometime-co-worker, sorta-once-boyfriend, still-best-friend B. Novak as “weird as hell” — and now it’s also as profitable as hell, with the duo scoring a reported .5 million deal to write a book about it.What’s so intriguing about this “romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments,” as Kaling once called it?Here’s a timeline of their adorably fraught relationship, so you can judge for yourself.