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When an i Phone application has a grey icon and says it's waiting, normally the app will quickly change to loading and then installing as it continues the process of downloading and installing to your device. What can I do to fix this and not giving any information on the billing information on my i Phone 6s.

The little circle keeps spinning without ever showing the "stop button" next to the app that also shows the download percentage. In addition to the answer of DDPWNAGE and user138479 you may try to update directly via the app site and click on "update" there instead of using the "update all" button in the update tab.Now I have something like 14 unupdated apps and I can't seem to do anything! Click "App-Store" ➡️ "Updates" ➡️ Click on App Name ➡️ In App Details click on "Update" Another option might be to check if there is another download hanging which blocks all of the other updates.You may have noticed in Apple's recent i Tunes update that they played a little game of "hide the app update button." Well, not to spoil the surprise, but we uncovered it.Instead of its usual location across the bottom of the App pane in i Tunes, you now have to select the new Updates tab located above the pane.Once selected, an Update All Apps button will appear in the previous location on the bottom.

Apple also decided to festoon any app in need of an update with a red Update ribbon.Add your music and make a playlist that suits your mood, or let Groove curated playlists be your soundtrack with background music on Xbox One.GET GROOVE MUSICEnjoy a one-stop shopping experience across every Windows 10 device.After the 10 seconds, release the "Power" button but remain pressing the "Home" button.Your PC/MAC should recognize your iphone and probably install the DFU drivers. Unfortunately for me none of them worked, but maybe you'll be successful.When the i Phone reboots the waiting icons should continue to load and install normally, assuming your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is working properly. internet works fabulous, my iphone works great, its only the ipad. Go to app store on the phone: you will see the apps are on hold(what normally is the update button).